About Us

VFusion Storage

A company built by Storage engineers and experienced IT professionals, to realize a level of ease and accessibility that the IT industry isn’t used to nor haven’t experienced yet.

Our systems are built on a sturdy and advanced software base, designed to run on almost any hardware and produce magnificent results on enterprise level, outpacing competitor’s systems that already are behind on cost-level.

We believe the ease of use and of integration is essential to success. This principle leads us and our partners to develop a storage software that can run as dedicated storage on bare metal hardware. Still, it can also integrate in your composable and/or desegregated storage infrastructure.

We want your systems to run like they never did before. VFusion can even turn older and slower infrastructures into fast and very efficient Private Clouds, that support your projects for years to come.

You can choose for our dedicated and tuned hardware to deliver millions of IOPS on a single node (or multiple nodes, whatever you prefer) for scientific research and Big-Data operations, Turn key AI and Backup systems. Or choose to use the software Fabric to upgrade your existing storage. VFusion will always have the potential to advance your infrastructure light years ahead of the competition, squeezing every ounce of performance from your new or existing systems.

Mission Statement

Being encountered with enterprise storage solutions and their day to day issues, made us think this can be better. Much better.

Despite incredible advancements in fundamental technologies, customers kept being in a situation where they would have to buy expensive spare parts and expansion units while not making any progress on technology level. Stuck with a system requiring highly trained engineers and intensive maintenance.

At VFusion we invented a system on which we like to depend on ourselves. A system that takes care of itself and runs according to your needs, whether you are a small company making careful decisions, or being one of the biggest data-processing companies in need of the fastest and biggest solutions in the market.

From this point it is our mission to leverage the concept of software designed storage, and build a variety of storage systems that just runs whatever you want it to run.

VFusion Certified Sales Professional

Selling according to current methodologies and trends.
No tuition or fees.
No need for planning extra trips – the course is completely on-line.
Everything is conveniently organized in your Partner Portal – no need for using extra applications to finish the course.
You don’t have to finish the training at the first attempt as your progress is saved and you can easily revert back to any point of the course.
OECSP Certificate – you can include the certificate in your resume as a proof of your achievements.

Boost your data storage knowledge to fuel your success

Best sales results begin with best sales skills, that is why at VFusion we dedicate our time and efforts to upskill Sales Specialists of tomorrow by offering them the VFusion Certified Sales Professional On-line Training.

The VFusion Certified Sales Professional (OECSP) training is designed to provide a robust and comprehensive foundation for a successful sales career in the data storage market. Being capable of guiding your potential customers through products’ technicalities and ultimately to the purchase decision, requires widespread knowledge, experience in focusing on customer’s needs and a little bit of enthusiasm. VFusion Certified Sales Professional training gives you both theory and practical knowledge which will soon result in more leads and profits for your company.

For Whom?

Selling is one of the most impactful professions, that is why knowing your product and learning how to sell it is an extremely useful skill. Knowing how to sell is obviously the most important for the sales team, but the factor that makes the VFusion training unique and useful for others is that it’s not product-oriented. The OECSP training gives a wide overview of the data storage market, business, together with technical tips and best practices.Therefore, the training may as well serve your marketing team, IT specialists or even management team members.


To be eligible to apply for the training a candidate must be employed by companies registered as VFusion Partner, either an Authorized, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Of course, experience in sales as well as basic knowledge of storage technology and VFusion software will be treated as valuable assets, but are not required for being accepted as a participant.

VFusion Certified Sales Professional

Learn from practicing engineers who are experts in their fields.
Smoothly accelerate your career by deepening your technical knowledge.
Get a certificate that proves your achievements and supplements your resume.
OECE Training Sessions guarantee schedule flexibility so that you can adjust your team’s work to the training.
Flexibility in terms of the type of training as you can choose on-site or on-line meetings.
At VFusion, we are committed to supporting your teams and helping them grow by sharing our knowledge and experience through VFusion Certified Engineer Trainings. We develop the technical capital of your teams through explicit training aimed at building professional groups of specialists who offer not only best-in-class technical support but who can also boost excellence in the IT industry in general.

Most importantly, certification as an VFusion Certified Engineer verifies the ability to work efficiently with VFusion software, especially Backups, Replications, Snapshots, and Failover. Engineers with an OECE Certificate can easily implement the product in an IT environment and have a comprehensive knowledge base and experience with the software.

Training Agenda

During each OECE Training, we provide our trainees with an in-depth technical background of the technologies we use, live demos of our software, and plenty of practical, real-life exercises on the following topics:

After a comprehensive set of lectures, demos and practice, all participants can test themselves by taking an exam. Passing this exam means being granted an VFusion JovianDSS Certified Engineer title. Such certification proves that an engineer gained a comprehensive knowledge of solving first-level issues, and of course, can work efficiently with the VFusion software and implement the software in an IT environment.

On-Site OECE Training

We encourage you to take part in live, on-site training sessions not only because it is an excellent opportunity to share the knowledge, meet with people who have similar interests, and spend some quality time learning together. Most importantly, running the OECE Training sessions in physical classrooms by engineers who are fans of the technology that we develop is simply a one-of-a-kind experience. Not even mentioning the pleasure of unpacking the welcome packs and later getting the certificate straight to your hands! The training lasts two days.

On-Line OECE Training

Due to the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns, it’s been hard organizing any gatherings in person. In order to respond to the needs of OECE candidates from all around the world, we have started organizing the training sessions online, which turned out to be a huge success.


To be eligible to apply for the training, a candidate must be employed by companies registered as VFusion Partners, either an Authorized, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Additionally, engineers attending the course are required to have:

If you’re interested in taking part in the VFusion Certified Engineer Training, send your application using the form below: