Optimize Retail IT

Storage To Optimize Retail IT

All-flash storage can optimize your most demanding IT workloads. For critical applications such as digital commerce, retail supply chain, containers and analytics, global leaders in retail, apparel, leisure, and hospitality rely on VFusion. VFusion’s Vortex Express technology is simple to deploy, manage, and expand.
Deploy Unbelievably Simple Storage
In retail, IT staff is usually limited. Staff, therefore, wants to spend less time keeping things running and more time innovating. VFusion Vortex is ideal for this, FlashArray simplifies everything and does not require tuning. Test drive VFusion Vortex Express to see for yourself.
Handle Transaction Spikes Easily
VFusion Vortex Express speeds through daily transactions while easily handling seasonal and unexpected spikes. Databases, virtualization, digital commerce, containers, and supply chains all get the performance they need.
Improve The Consumer Experience
Rapid data processing and cloud-based integrations give retailers an advantage by speeding digital commerce response times. High-performance search delivered by optimised storage delivers a better customer experience. VFusion Vortex Express can drive both from a single platform.
Why Should Retailers Invest In NVME Storage?
NVME storage uses an all-flash array (AFA). This is a storage infrastructure that contains only flash memory drives instead of spinning-disk drives. Flash has gone down in price considerably over time, and delivers many inherent advantages in speed, space-per-capacity and reliability over conventional hard disk drives. AFAs give retail businesses the data mobility and swiftness they need to power their own digital transformations.
VFusion Vortex Express Enhances Retail Analytics
By retail analysis we mean data analysis applied to retail data. Online shopping apps, point of sales (PoS) systems, supply chains, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and supply chain management apps all rely on the insights gained through retail analytics.
Buisinesses can use big data as a gold mind to gain insight and a competative advantage. Unfortunately, often this data is locked in legacy silos, warehiuse and data lakes. This slows insights, restricts innovation and complicates IT operations. You ability to use big data and benefit from retail analytics is directly tied to the data mobility within your IT infrastructure.
Harnessing The Power Of Fusion Vortex PCIE Fabrics

Like any Relational Database Management System, Microsoft SQL Server consumes computing and storage resources from the hardware infrastructure upon which it is installed. As the conplexity and volume of data generated and needed by your business inevitably grows, so does the strain on the hardware. I you are still running a data lake filled with legacy storage silos powered by spinning- disk drives, performance and reliability bottlenecks are bound to occur.

VFusion Vortex Express brings all the benefits of NVMe storage to the storage area network (SAN). This includes:

  • Faster data transfer speeds.
  • Higher data throughput.
  • Massive parallelism with over 64k ques for I/O operations.
  • 99.9999% uptime one Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange.