Verweij Autoschade


Verweij Auto Groep is a car repair and maintenance service Provider and a major player in car repair services in multiple Dutch cities, with a large team of technicians and administrators who rely on a variety of systems to perform their daily work. To improve the speed and performance of these systems, Verweij Auto Groep implements a VFusion Fabric configured with native NVMe and RDMA.
The VFusion system’s use of NVMe allows for fast read and write speeds, making it ideal for storing and managing large amounts of data such as extensive damage reports.

In addition to improving the speed and performance of the systems, Verweij Auto Groep also uses the VFusion system as a backup target for all of their critical systems and data. The system’s advanced data protection features, such as snapshot replication and retention plans, ensure that all data is securely backed up and can be quickly and easily restored in the event of an unexpected disaster.
Overall, the implementation of the VFusion PCI-E Fabric has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Verweij Auto Groep’s day-by-day and long-term operations by providing fast, and reliable compute and storage infrastructure for their environment and serving as a reliable backup target assisting in compliance and safety of company and client data.

video footage from dash cameras, damage reports photos, and huge car debugging and diagnostic reports, Verweij Auto Groep also Uses the VFusion PCI-E Fabric to run enormous MSSQL and MySQL databases that stores real-time ordering, pricing, and inventory data for car parts, paints, and a colossal client and partner information data. The system’s use of RDMA enables high-speed data transfer and low latency, making it ideal for use in virtualized environments and enabling users to access their files and applications quickly and efficiently.