Software Platform


Experience Unrivaled Data Storage Choice and Control.

Powering the ultimate storage platform with unmatched performance, density, scalability, and flexibility, Faster than the Speed of Light VFusionOS offers unparalleled storage performance and flexibility with its PCIE fabric technology, supporting all types of workloads with consistent high-speed and low latency and the ability to scale as needed.

Our Hardware

Experience cost-effectiveness without sacrificing performance or scalability with the Vfusion Vortex Express. Utilizing industry standard components, it eliminates the need for custom ASICs or FPGAs, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility within your existing infrastructure.

Performance Measured in TB/s

VFusion File System delivers unparalleled scalability, performance, and low latency for file workloads with the ability to expand across multiple Vfusion Vortex express blades, reaching up to 4.8TB/s read and 4.8TB/s write bandwidth and 80M IOPS at 10µs latency per rack.

Performance and Scalability Without Compromise

Experience unparalleled performance and availability with Vfusion Vortex Express. VfusionOS’s patented technology ensures data is always accessible with superior access compared to traditional arrays.

Ease of Use

Easily manage your data with the VfusionOS, featuring a user-friendly GUI, advanced notifications, and centralized access control for effortless control of an infinite number of systems.


Simplify and optimize your data storage environment with VfusionOS, featuring industry-leading performance for block, file, and object workloads, global namespace, encryption, tiering, thin provisioning, and more, all in a single, easy-to-use platform.