VFusionOS Software

Industry leading Data Storage Software designed for businesses of any size. This software is especially designed for Enterprise Software Defined Storage environments.

Vortex Series

Best in class storage target for advanced data workloads requiring nano-second latency leveraging RDMA technology. Tailored to business needs and turnkey delivered.

Datamax Series

Unified storage appliance for all your workloads VMs, SAN, NAS and fast backup targets supporting S3 compatibility. Tailored to your specific needs and turnkey delivered.

Advanced Cutting edge technologies

Fusing the highest ends of software and hardware to create an unheard-of performance without sacrificing simplicity
PCI-E Fabric
NVME running natively on extended PCI-E fabric expanding across datacenters providing up to 512GB transfer speeds with 700 Nanosecond latency.

Advanced Connectivity

Supporting network fabrics up to 200GB per port on either Infiniband or TCP with sub-millisecond latency.

RDMA Technology

Combining RDMA with our unique PCI-E fabric allows for previously unheard of speeds through utilizing the full potential of 100GB/s network infrastructures within your regular VM environment.