What is VFusionOS?

VFusionOS is a ZFS– and Linux-based Data Storage Software designed for businesses of any size, especially for Enterprise Software-Defined Storage environments. VFusionOS is part of VFusion Systems which creates storages and environments for High-Frequency trading platforms and other mission-critical systems that require sub-millisecond latency. VFusionOS makes use of cutting-edge technologies like RDMA, PCIEOF (PCIE over Fabrics) and NVME. VFusionOS is a very unique product that focuses on a compromise to create an Ultra High IOPS, ultra high throughput storage environment that is natively supported by VMware as a fabric storage with probably the lowest TCO in the market (other NVME fabric storage products like Excelero, E8, KumoScale are all Linux only storage systems that are targeting Niche markets for labs and research centres which offers zero support for VMware or windows and are extremely complicated to run and maintain).