Case Study

Storage as a Service

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Stable Backup

ACM is the authority responsible for regulating the Dutch markets against cartel and monopoly practices, as well as trade fraud and consumer abuse. As part of their duties, ACM collects and stores a large amount of data and information about the markets they oversee.

CIFS storage

The Dutch government had been using a NetApp storage device to store and manage the user data and user profile information for their online services.However, as the number of users and the amount of data grew, the government realized that their current storage solution


Forensic IT

The Forensic IT (FIT) department at the Authority of Consumers and Markets (ACM) in the Netherlands is responsible for conducting forensic investigations, enforcing trade laws, and conducting merger reviews.


Verweij Autoschade

Verweij Auto Groep is a car repair and maintenance service Provider and a major player in car repair services in multiple Dutch cities, with a large team of technicians and administrators who rely on a variety of systems to perform their daily work.



ACM, the Dutch authority for Concumers and markets, is committed to using data-driven supervision as a means to monitor and regulate the markets it oversees. With the increasing amount of data generated and used by consumers and companies,ACM recognized the need for a more advanced..