A solution tailor designed to empower organizations to harness the power of software so they can experience speed and performance in a cost-effective way by leveraging SAS/SATA technologies in innovative and efficient ways.

This system is designed to deliver flexibility, elasticity, and simplicity with high end performance and resiliency at scale by combining various storage tears and different sorts of storage technologies in single storage fabric. In addition to delivering high-performance block storage with rich data services, Vortex offers simple yet comprehensive toolset for IT operations and lifecycle management of the entire infrastructure, helping automate infrastructure workflows.

Offered in a single node or clustered systems, designed to make ultra-high-performance storage available for business needs with no performance compromise, mixing an ultra-low-latency NVMe layer of up to 720 TB to be used, for example, as a VM target or a high-performance storage target for transactional databases, Medical imaging files, AI and big data; expandable with SAS/ SATA (SSD or Spinning or a mix) layer that can be used for backup, archiving and NAS/ CIFS/ SMB.

Vortex Expansion

Vortex NVMe is expandable through any SAS cabinet supporting the SAS protocol up to a maximum of 2048 disks through cabinet cascading

Any combination of SSD, HDD is supported in this configuration

Benefits of adopting Vortex Standard

System specifications

Clusterable adaptive single controller design to host a variety of storage and network technologies based upon your needs Single or Dual Intel scalable processors: a variety of processors picked based on requirements. up to 1.5TB of memory: Memory capacity is defined depending on customer wishes for a variety of operations including Deduplication and compression in relation to storage target sizes. Supports Optane Memory technology: allows hyper-fast tier caching or storage target for sub-nanosecond latency:

Thin Provisioning

Allocate and consume physical storage capacity as needed in disk pools. Thin is virtual mode only.

SSD/NVME Read/Write Cache

Increase execution speed of applications by caching previously read data.


Easily recover files after accidental deletion or alteration with Redirect on Write snaps.

IP & FC Remote Replication

Safely replicate data to any global location that includes mirroring thin provisioned pools.

Multi-Level Tiering

Get great performance with less hardware expense.

Encryption (SEDs)

Render data useless to unauthorized users with drive-level encryption, even if the drive has been removed from the enclosure (internal key management included).


Provides enhancements enabling automated maintenance capabilities

Volume Copy/Clones

Enable seamless volume relocation and disk-based backup and recovery with a full, replicated copy of source data.

Virtualization Integrations

VMware vSphere, vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Disk Expansion enclosures