The Core

Performance and Density at Scale

Vfusion Vortex PCIE Fabric’s innovative architecture empowers customers with the ability to effortlessly deploy high-performing and low latency storage, while enjoying unlimited scalability for block, file, and object workloads without any compromises. With this unique solution, customers have the freedom to choose and control their storage needs like never before.

Unrivaled Performance Density

Unlock new opportunities and drive innovation with Vfusion’s Vortex PCIE Fabric, delivering unparalleled performance, throughput, and ultra-low latency. Streamline your data center operations and cut costs with our all-in-one solution that offers industry-leading performance for block, file, and object workloads in a compact, high-density system

Performance and Availability

Experience the best of both worlds with Vfusion’s revolutionary architecture. Our active standby controllers eliminate the need to sacrifice performance for availability, giving you the power of multiple controllers and the peace of mind of redundancy. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to unparalleled performance and security.

Performant Unified Storage

Achieve unparalleled performance for every workload with the Vfusion Vortex Express. With up to 2 controllers and 2 processors per system, the Vfusion Vortex Express can natively handle block, file, and object workloads, providing maximum performance and flexibility. Say goodbye to sacrificing performance for availability. The Vfusion Vortex Express offers the best of both worlds.

Unlimited, Linear Scale

With up to 78GB/s read and 56GB/s write performance for NFS, and up to 52GB/s read and 28GB/s write for S3 workloads, across an unlimited number of systems, customers can scale capacity or performance linearly and independently.