Every business, starting from a small office all the way up to the fortune 500 companies, has been through the process of setting up a storage solution. In this Information Era, where and how you store your data might well be an essential factor in the rise or fall of your company. It all boils down to three simple ideas:
Combining these three items in a solution according to what you need, will determine your cost per GB. Our Datamax productline is designed to optimize the balance between these 4 elements of Performance, Capacity, Resilience and the Total Cost of Ownership.

Design philosophy

The VFusion DM-X series are software defined storage appliances, designed for attaining the highest possible capacity/performance ratio, while maintaining the lowest possible TCO. In order to achieve this, VFusion utilizes Storage Artificial Intelligence that we built into VFusionOS. It allows multiple storage tiers with AI advanced multistep caching for reads and writes, which in turn allows for custom and dedicated caching for every storage tier, depending on project requirements.

VFusion DM-X Use scenarios

Benefits of Adopting VFusion DM-X systems

Suitable forMid-size business and small enterprises that require simplicity and best valueMost enterprise applications that require best balance of performance and cost

Maximum SSD/HDD20484096
Max Effective Capacity40PB per system80PB per system
Controller Chassis Form Factor2U;48 internal SSD slots. *Variety of expansion nodes available2U;48 internal SSD slots. *Variety of expansion nodes available

VFusion Certified Sales Professional

Solved the problem of backup window

Backup window is reduced to minutes, since only data changes are replicated within every interval. Additionally, the backup is offloaded from the client machine to the storage server.

Protection against Ransomware

Very frequent snapshots with instant access to all data provide a quick way to roll-back to the state before a virus attack.

Instant access to and restore of previous data versions

Old data versions can be accessed and restored quickly, since they are kept in the original form. Users can instantly start using their backed up data. Also, every user has a direct access to “Previous Versions” via SMB on MS Windows clients.

Optional removal and rotation of backup media

Thanks to Pool Export and Import functionalities, users can safely remove backup media (disks), rotate with other sets, or ship to another location.

Instant restoring from the same server

Crucial or “hot” data can be restored instantly from one of multiple snapshots through the Snapshot Rollback function. Also, users can access the snapshot data and manually restore all selected files.

Data restore from a local backup server

With a local backup server, data is available in the same location and can be recovered with a minimum amount of downtime by temporarily using a backup server as the data server while the primary server is being restored.

Data restore from off-site locations

It is possible to instantly switch to the backup server and use it temporarily as a primary location (depending on the system structure) and do the restore in the background. Restoring data from an off-site server may be more time-consuming, depending on the amount of data that needs to be recovered, as well as the connection throughput.