Technological advancements in healthcare are changing how diseases are prevented, monitored, managed and treated. As technology continues to advance and allows for better disease prevention and treatment, the need for data management becomes equally critical. Efficient safekeeping, access/ retrieval and analysis of enormous amounts of data are essential in enhancing overall quality of life. Individuals and organizations handling patient information, medical records and health research data should make sure that these are all secure, protected and reliable. Choosing the right storage device that can meet the current as well as future requirements of the demanding health care industry is truly life-changing.
Unique Challenges
Safety and reliability standards for healthcare applications are very high. They need to conform to standards around patient privacy and rigid regulatory compliances. Technology in the medical field should be fast, accurate, reliable and it should work together with connected devices to improve the quality of patient care and avoid or minimize medical errors. For medical practitioners to provide the best treatment, healthcare applications require instant access to and retrieval of patients’ historical medical records. Especially in critical moments even milliseconds can spare a person’s life. For these reasons Fusion has dedicated a large amount of thought and work to create the VFusion Vortex as a solution to give healthcare professionals what they need.

As of today, 26% of the hospitals in the developed word are using outdated or overly complicated storage solutions that still is based on old technologies. For this reason, storage of data accounts for more than 50% of the IT expenses in a hospital. VFusion took this challenge seriously, we developed the VFusion Vortex system. It delivers up to 40% reduction in TCO, reduces latency to sub-miliseconds and raises the performance of storage systems in many cases by up to 500%.

Rising up to the challenge

For demanding medical appplications, VFusion Vortex unique tierd storage stores everything from electronic medical records, e-prescriptions, MRI imaging, lab and pharmacy information. Its main advantages are a reduction of TCO, raising of performance with minumin overheads and quicker disaster recovery automation.

Use Cases

Diagnostics & Medical Imaging.
In order for medical practitioners to perform clinical analysis and determine appropriate medical interventions, state-of-the-art equipment is used. Files generated by such equipment comes in a wide range or sizes, for example:
Sizes this small and large together puts a huge stress on any storage system. Regular systems using older technologies and protocols can no longer keep up with the enormous demands for data accuracy, security and durability. Files like these need a special kind of low latency and high performance that can be very expensive to acquire and very complicated to maintain.

Bedside Infotainment

Bedside infotainment systems combine display and communication technologies to provide both enjoyment and comfort for the patient, and enhances interaction between the patient and the physician and other medical staff. Integrating with health information technologies, enhanced medical care can be provided by the system. The infotainment system thus turns into a valuable clinical tool. It stores media files that are large in size and are designed to be stored on huge storage arrays that require a lot of energy and space.
Medical Records & Administration

Each time a patient engages with the medical system, data is generated. A visit to a physician, a confinement, a diagnostic procedure or a prescription all generate data. This is collected for administrative, billing or claims purposes and can be used to improve the healthcare services and benefits themselves. Data like this usually comprises a large number of small file. These files are used as long as the patient is engaged with the medical system, but are archived when the patient is not. This requires a complicated filesystem with reliable storage that can automatically tier files in various storage layers based on frequency of use.

To answer all above data storage requirements in a single purchasing decision, the decision must not only be based on size, capacity or price. The solution must have the future in mind, use modern technologies and have great performance and expandability. It must create a union between cutting edge technologies and endless limits while maintaining compatibility and usability. For that specific reason VFusion Vortex has been created.