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VFusionOS provides unlimited options to architect storage environments with iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and NFS, SMB (CIFS) protocols for companies of any size – from small family businesses through medium companies to large enterprises. The Linux-based architecture provides VFusionOS with much better hardware compatibility than competing products based on other operating systems. VFusionOS is a perfect choice for any virtualized storage environment as it supports VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V. It can be set up on physical servers or as a virtual storage appliance (e.g. in hyper-converged environments).


Transform your data storage infrastructure with the Vfusion Vortex express, a game-changing solution that delivers unbeatable performance density. Each 7RU system offers over 7.3 PB of capacity with lightning-fast 800GB/s throughput and 24M IOPS, that can be scaled linearly across arrays. With the ability to support up to 12x100Gb or 12x200Gb ports per array, you can streamline your storage footprint and significantly lower your TCO. Say goodbye to expensive networking hardware and hello to improved application performance and reduced management costs with the Vfusion Vortex express..

VFusionOS key data storage features and benefits Data Acceleration

Data Accessibility

Data Integrity and Protection

Data Availability

File System & Storage Virtualization

System Monitoring

Data Optimization

User Authentication

Simplicity, Reliability, Security

Simplify your data center operations with Vfusion’s composable and disaggregated storage solution, which offers the high-speed performance of direct-attached storage. Experience unparalleled flexibility in deployment, ease of management, and seamless integration. With advanced availability features, robust security, and versatile client connectivity options, Vfusion’s storage solution is ideal for a range of workloads, including those at the Edge, in HPC, for analytics, and for AI/ML.