Replacing NetApp

ACM, the Dutch authority for Concumers and markets, is committed to using data-driven supervision as a means to monitor and regulate the markets it oversees. With the increasing amount of data generated and used by consumers and companies, ACM recognized the need for a more advanced and efficient system to handle this data. The traditional methods of supervision, relying on lawyers, economists, and behavioral scientists, were no longer sufficient in the face of such a large volume of data.

To address this issue, ACM established a data-driven supervision department with its own IT infrastructure and allocated resources. However, the department faced challenges with ACM aging infrastructure, which was unable to handle the volume and speed of data processing required. The legacy storage arrays with their dual-controller architecture, were unable to accommodate the growth of data and optimize the time it took to gain insight from the data.

To address these challenges, ACM turned to VFusionOS and the Vortex express v900 system. The VFusionOS VE provides a high-performance, standards-based storage solution that can scale linearly with CPU, memory, and storage requirements. Its support for containers and vSphere 6.7, as well as its certification by VMware, made it a strong fit for ACM’s needs. In addition, the VFusionOS VE offers advanced features such as thin-provisioning, RAID support, and encryption, as well as a user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring performance.

After conducting thorough research and testing, ACM found that the VFusionOS VE delivered an impressive performance, with up to 800 GB/s total system throughputs and 500 nanosecond latency. Its compact, dense 4U form factor and support for RDMA, besides the innovative PCI-E fabric technology, allowed ACM to achieve significant storage capacity while also saving space and resources compared to other solutions. ACM was also impressed by the VFusionOS, which made it easy to create clones from snapshots and speeds up backup operations.

In addition to its advanced features and capabilities, ACM also appreciated the compact 4U form factor that contributed to much lower overall TCO and assisted in environmental regulations compliance by being made out of 100% recyclable materials that leave a very low carbon footprint, The Vortex Express V900 replaced 4 full racks of storage shelves and networking equipment leading directly to a drastic reduction of emissions and of energy use.

Overall, the implementation of the VFusionOS Vortex V900 has allowed ACM to significantly improve its data processing and analytics capabilities by allowing unheard-of performance to its newly adopted Data science-based departments, enabling it to better serve the needs of consumers and companies in the markets it regulates. With its future-proofed infrastructure and advanced features, the VFusionOS Vortex V900 has been a valuable investment for ACM’s data-driven supervision efforts.