Hybrid Cloud

Storage Solutions ideal for Cloud & Hypervisors

Ultimate Total Cost of Ownership.
Highly Flexible.
Enduring resilience.

Bring your Hypervisor workloads up to speed & your public cloud processed data in house, with VFusionOS & Private Cloud Storage products

Organizations have very diverse workloads to handle and typically use virtualized solutions for that, like VMWare and Hyper-V, but also public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Where public clouds are great at getting things started and scale up when needed to yet unknown capacities, a private cloud is of worth when it comes to handle more sustained and/or predictable workloads in terms of cost, low latencies and regulatory requirements.

Getting your data out of your public cloud is traditionally expensive and those costs can become troublesome. Keeping most of the data to yourself and have the processing or capacity bursting done on the platform of your choosing might well be the best strategy for most of the organizations.

This demands for a storage solution that is able to deliver different tiers of storage, optimized for performance, resilience or low cost. Expand those tiers independently to guarantee for low Total Cost of Ownership.

Start small & grow Exabyte-scale

With our component level upgrades, your cost increase will be incremental. Independently upgrade your storage tiers for optimal cost management.

The connectivity features of VFusionOS offers you numerous options to incorporate VFusionOS and the VFusion products into your existing infrastructure and build out into the latest technologies on the scale that you operate. Allocate 100.000’s of IOPS to a single node, while simultaneously running your everyday office applications, all on the same hypervisor!

Engineers will love this system

Easy configuration and low maintenance. Upgrade or replace hardware during productivity hours.

With VFusionOS, Engineers significantly reduce their hours on training and maintenance. No need for late hours, do your maintenance during business hours while keeping all services online. Script your tasks, enter the GUI, whatever your choose. Selfhealing capabilities will save you from sleep deprivation during standby hours. You might reconsider these expensive support contracts for delivering new disks, when the disks are already available! VFusionOS comes included with a 5 year support contract.

Cloud capabilities in your own Datacenter

AWS S3 support. self-healing, snapshotting and more protects you from data-degradation. multi tiered storage for various performance/cost ratios.

We leverage VFusionOS, ZFS and our hardware for you to achieve the highest forms of data-protection. On-site and off-site backups are ready to step in anytime.