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The first plug and play 6,000,000 IOPS solutions

VFusionOS is the one solution to all storage needs

VFusionOS is an Operating System, created in a cooperation between Open-E and VFusion Systems. It is the cornerstone in our highly adaptable solutions that offer the best performance and resilience, up to Petabytes of data, backup and disaster recovery. VFusionOS combines the use of cutting-edge technologies like RDMA, PCIEoF (PCIE over Fabrics) and NVME. VFusionOS combined with VFusion designed hardware is the offer that brings you well ahead of your competition.

State of the art PCIE fabric infrastructure

This is outstanding from everything currently available.

Our Products

Fusing the highest ends of software and hardware to create an unheard-of performance without sacrificing simplicity.

VFusionOS Software

Industry leading Data Storage Software designed for businesses of any size. This software is especially designed for Enterprise Software Defined Storage environments.

Unlimited Scale

The Vfusion Vortex Express, fueled by VfusionOS™, is the ultimate solution for all your data needs. With the ability to scale up and out, it can accommodate your growing performance and capacity requirements, whether it's within a single array or across multiple racks. With over 1TB/s of performance per rack, it's the perfect choice for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition.

Vortex Series

Built for demanding Workload

With Vfusion Vortex Express, customers have the power of choice and control over their workloads. This cutting-edge system delivers outstanding performance for all types of workloads, including block, file, and object. The Vortex Express ensures consistent and reliable high performance, consistently outperforming industry standards.

Vortex Series

Best in class storage target for advanced data workloads requiring nano-second latency leveraging RDMA technology. Tailored to business needs and turnkey delivered.

Datamax Series

Unified storage appliance for all your workloads VMs, SAN, NAS and fast backup targets supporting S3 compatibility. Tailored to your specific needs and turnkey delivered.

Who we are?

Being encountered with enterprise storage solutions and their day to day issues, made us think this can be better. Much better.

Despite incredible advancements in fundamental technologies, customers kept being in a situation where they would have to buy expensive spare parts and expansion units while not making any progress on technology level. Stuck with a system requiring highly trained engineers and intensive maintenance.

Advanced Cutting Edge Technologies

Maximize your return on investments and create the turbulence to get to places you’ve never been before

Native PCIe transactions (TLPs) are forwarded automatically over the fabric with no protocol conversion, giving you unprecedented storage performance.

  • 6.000.000 IOPS
  • 700 Nanosecond latency
  • 128 Gbps speed

RDMA enabled Software defined storage

ZFS-based Linux-OS for Storage Servers, hardware independent

  • Self-healing
  • AI Caching
  • CLI and Rest API
  • iSCSI, CIFS, NFS and FC
  • On- and off-site dataprotection

VFusion is Enterprise-level resilience, performance and cost efficiency

We pave the road to high-performance computing for you.

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Storage as a Service

Are you tired of dealing with the headaches of managing your company's storage infrastructure? Are you looking for a more efficient and cost-effective solution? Look no further than Vfusion's Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering.

Stable Backup

ACM is the authority responsible for regulating the Dutch markets against cartel and monopoly practices, as well as trade fraud and consumer abuse. As part of their duties, ACM collects and stores a large amount of data and information about the markets they oversee.

NetApp storage device

The Dutch government had been using a NetApp storage device to store and manage the user data and user profile information for their online services.However, as the number of users and the amount of data grew, the government realized that their current storage solution